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Communicating the glories of Thiruchengode and the wonders of this holy mountain, Documenting the activities of the legendary 14 day annual fest that celebrates lunar mansion, called the Bhramortchavam, and Popularising this sacred shrine all over the world.
Vaigasi Visagam , is the grand lunar festival that takes place once a year during the Tamil month of Vaigasi. The flag hoisting ceremony on the opening day, the grand celebration on the 4th day, heaving the Holy Chariot of the Lord, and the finale, where the Almighty ascends the Holy Mountains, are some of the unforgettable events that are remembered by everyone and evoked on mentioning the Vaigasi Visagam. The present generation is blissfully unaware of all the special and interesting activities and rites that are performed as a part of these prominent routines. One important reason could be the paucity of time, due to a modern lifestyle and the pressures of work.
Although this information has been uploaded on our web page, the devotees and general public are unable to access it properly. Hence, in spite of grave difficulties, and insurmountable challenges, we have produced and released this short film on the website for the benefit of the people.

The first part features the priceless qualities of the Holy town of Tiruchengode, the wonders of the Holy Mountain, the miracles and speciality of the Divine Almighty, the beauty and magnificence of the sculptures and ancient murals of the Holy Mountain, and the various festivals that take place on these sanctified lands.

Similarly, the second part of the short film features the significance of the Bhramortchavam, and documents the activities of this 14 day lunar fiesta that takes place once a year, comprehensively.