Golden Chariot Photos

The people of Tiruchengode town were requested the Government to give a golden chariot for the renowned Arthanaareeswarar temple. The Government granted permission to make a golden chariot in the year 2008. Funds were collected through various agencies and lots of sponsors. The work of building the golden chariot started in 2008, and completed in a period of one year by 2009, at an approximate cost of one crore and seventy lakh Indian rupees. The Tiruchengode Golden chariot became the 39th golden chariot of Tamilnadu.

To build this chariot, 11Kgs of gold, 35Kgs of silver, 394Kgs of copper and 3.5lakh rupees worth of teak were used. 40 carpenters and goldsmiths were involved in the making of this golden chariot. The height of the golden chariot is 11.75 feet, and it is 6.5 feet wide. In order to ride atop this golden chariot, the idol of Arthanaareeswarar Urchavar has been made at a cost of 90,000 Indian rupees.

Diamond crown
On behalf of Tiruchengode All Motor Industry And Businessmen Union, a diamond crown at the cost of Rs.13 lakhs was sponsored and offered to adorn Arthanaareeswarar Urchavar moorthy riding on the golden chariot. 789 diamond stones of 20 carats, 330 grams of gold, 198 pearls and green stones were placed on this diamond crown, which was designed in a slightly slanted position to mark the majesty and glory of the Lord.
Vellotta Vizha
For the very first golden chariot done in the history of Tiruchengode, a golden chariot pathway has been constructed in the mountain temple for it to run, at a cost of 7.5lakh Indian rupees. A separate safe room has also been constructed for the purpose of parking the chariot.

The Vellotta Vizha for the golden chariot happened very specially on 22.11.2009 by 6pm in the evening near the big chariot. Central and State ministers took part in the event. Huge crowd of people assembled on that day made it a historical event.
The golden chariot is being pulled very specially in the evenings between 6:00 pm and 7:30pm since 26.02.2010
Materials Used to Build Golden Chariot:
Material Details
Gold 11 Kg
Silver 35 Kg
Copper 394 Kg
Teak Wood 90 feet
and other supportign matterials