It is known through the stone inscriptions that most of the stone statues and sculptures are found to be built during the period of Chera, Chozhan and Paandya times.

The beautiful sculptures, carvings found on the pillars of this temple, as also the wonderful stone statues seen around the temple, will undoubtedly capture the hearts of any one who sees them. Moreover, this temple stands as a shining monument of the art of sculptures of an era of grace.

It has gone unique sclptures which projects the artistic skills of the ancient sculptures . It is one of the best examples for ancient architecture. This temple is also famous for its architectural and sculptural delicacies and beauties.

Words cannot adequately describe the elegant and intricate carvings of the manifestations of the lord found in huge pillars in rows in front of kumareeswar shrine. The terraced roof has a series of stone chains with a numerously petalled lotus at the centre. The pillars are slightly aslant , symbolic of a devotees desire to overcome the ego and merge with the supreme.