This sanctified shrine has the speciality of containing the three - Murthy, thalam and theertham. There are many notable incidents that have taken place, where devotees have bathed in the holy water of the shrine and have shed their sufferings and worldly pains.

    There are close to 108 Theertham situated in and around the sacred Tiruchengode sanctuary in the south. But, at present, only a select few are accessible to the public. Some of the notable few are:
    Ganapathy theertham Dheiva theertham Kumaara theertham Shiva Theertham
    Shakthi Theertham Paavanasa Theertham Bhairava Theertham Naaga Theertham
    Soorya Pushkarani theertham Alli sunai theertham Sithar Mooligai theertham

    Among the ones mentioned above, Deiva Theertham is said to be very special. This particular holy water is present below the feet of the idol of Arthanaareeswarar. The common people are not granted access to this holy water. It is specially utilised for the worship and Archana of Lord Arthanaareeswarar. Another speciality of this Theertham is that it never gets dried up.