Chariot Carnival Photo Gallery
Thirukodimada Chengundrur now called as Tiruchengode is celebrating Vaikasi visaga festival every year in a grand manner.

The special feature of the festival is there are four car chariots. first is for Lord Vinayagar,the second belongs to Lord Sengottuvelavar, the third to Lord arthanareeswara and the fourth for Aadhikesava perumal.

During this remarkable festival the idols of Lord Arthanareeswara, sengothuvelavar and Aadhikesavar is brought down from the hill temple for the chariot procession. At the end of 14 th day again the idols are taken back.

Festivals are a soothing balm that dissolve the sorrows of common people sorrows and energise them. During festivals, people gather in huge crowds and celebrate joyously. Every month, during the New moon day, thousands of devotees arrive to worship the revered Ammaiyappan, treading up the stairs and the mountain paths. Newlyweds have the habit of coming to this shrine and worshiping the Lord before they begin their family lives.

There are so many festivals and functions have been conducted at Thiruchengodu Thirumalai every year. Out of that Ketharagowri viradham, padiththuiruvilza, margaliththingal vazhipadu, sivarathiri vazhipadu, vaigundaekadesi vizha, masimagam vizha, nageswara poojai.

Though there are so many other functions and events that happen in the holy mountain of Thiruchengode, Vaikaasi Visaakam is the most specially celebrated one. This particular festival of 14 days celebrated in the month of Vaikaasi (a month between May 15 and june14 in Tamil calendar) can also be called as Bramorchavam. On all fourteen days of Vaikaasi Visaakam, poojas are conducted for the three main deities of the mountain: Arthanaareeswarar, Sengottu Velavar and Aadhikesavaperumal Swamigal.

The chariot carnival (ther thiruvizha) of the current year’s Vaikaasi month is very specially being celebrated in the town of Thiruchengode for fourteen days. During this holy festival, people from all parts of Tamilnadu and other parts of the world will be present in Thiruchengode to get a glimpse of the God.