Photos About Other Gods
Within this circle the Rahu, Kethu and the Navagraha Nayagargal are present.
The divine idols of the 63 Nayanmars are present.
The Temples of the Panchalinga Moorthies are present.
The Visalatchi Viswanathar Temple is present.
The Koothaperumal temple is also present.
Seven virgin devis’ temples are present.
The thousand lingam temple known as Sahasaralinga temple is there.
Temples of Dakshinamoorthy, Seetadevi, Naagar temple, Vairava Devar, Soorya Devar, Siddhi Vinayakar, and several other Gods.
Nageswarar temple is a great artwork of sculpture art.
On the top of the hill, Paandeewarar Shiva temple, known as Vantheeswarar temple is present.
Veera Aanjineya temple is there.
Unlike other shrines, this temple consists of the unique shrine of Lord Dakshinamoorthy, who is shown distinctively giving his blessings with his right leg lifted up.