The idol’s composition is mixed with a herb called Venpasanam [white elixir] which has magical healing properties.
Lord Shiva has a total of 66 manifestations, with Arthanaareeswarar as the 22nd Manifestation.
The Maragatha Lingam is inside the shrine of the sanctified Ammaiyappan, and is worshipped by devotees with fervour and reverence.
The idol of Arthanaareeswarar, which symbolises equality between men and women, does not present any particular face or image for worship.
The holy water present at the feet of the idol of Ammaiyappan never gets dried up or desiccated.
As a brand new practice, during the Archana session of the Almighty, the first cants are an ode to the femininity of the goddess Ambigai, and the consecutive chants are in praise of the masculinity of Lord Shiva.
This shrine is blessed by the Divine Grace of Birungi Maharishi. The physical form of the three legged sage is etched onto the right side of the idyllic form of Arthanaareeswarar.
This Shiva sanctuary consists of a sanctified olive tree.
Unlike other Shiva temples, Theertham, or Holy Water is offered here as Prasadham.
The Perumal Idol present without a Peetham seen here is the only one of kind, and cannot be viewed anywhere else.
Although the Temple’s Raja Gopuram is situated facing north, the idol of the main deity is situated facing the west, which is yet another speciality of the shrine.
Usually, all temples are shut down during an eclipse, and opened and cleansed after the eclipse. However, this special temple is not kept closed during any eclipse.