Sengottu Velavar Photo Gallery
Due to the confusions that took place because of a fruit and sibling rivalry, Lord Muruga left Thiru Kayilai, leaving his parents behind, and stood on top of Thiruvaavinakudi hill [famously Called as Pazhani]. As he was able to view Thiru Kayilai from where he stood, he travelled further until his parents place vanished from his line of vision and reached Naagasalam on top of Kongu. As he was not able to View Thiru Kayilai from where he stood, he decided to stay there. Thus today we have a Sengottu Velavan temple present in Tiruchengode hill also.

Just like the idol of Ammaiyappa, the idol of Lord Muruga too, contains herbs with unique qualities. Moreover the Vel spear in Lord Muruga’s hand is noticed to be a few inches taller, above the head of the idol. This is unlike other shrines of Muruga, where the spear will most certainly be shorter than the idol’s head. This unique and wonderful form of the Lord Muruga present at Tiruchengode is one of its kind and found nowhere else in the entire world.

Even in the Muruga temple situated in the city of Tiruchengode, the spear in Lord Murugan’s hand is higher than his head. The carvings etched in the grand pillars of the temple depicting lord Murugan have also been carved with his spear standing taller than him. The statue of Lord Muruga present next to Lingothpavar is also represented in the same fashion. The praise sung by Arunagirinathar, admiring the unequalled beauty of Lord Muruga, feeling that 4000 pairs of eyes cannot be considered enough to take in the amount of splendour offered by the plain sight of Lord Murugan, can be felt right here at this shrine.

In this shrine Lord Muruga adorns the name of Sengotuvelavan, holding the spear in his right hand and a rooster close to his hip in his left hand, standing majestically, facing east. This is the only place where the Lord Muruga can be witnessed in this form.