Uchi Pillayar Kumbabishekam
PAANDEESWARAR’S ABODE (Uchi pillayar kovil)
The idol of Lord Ganesha, situated at the peak of the mountain top, 2000 feet above ground level, is called the Uchi pillayar kovil.

In the olden ages, close to the Vandhhiyapadana mountain peak, which was one of the special sandalwood yielding peaks of the famed Meru Mountain, the Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu planted a Shiva lingam, and worshiped it every day. That special Lingam was called Vandheesar. As per Naradhar’s request and orders, Soorabanman relocated that mountain peak along with the lingam and placed it over Nagagiri and worshiped it every day.
In the 9th Century, the Paandya king was said to have travelled to the Kongu kingdom and prayed to Lord Shiva to relieve his kingdom from famine and poverty. In answer to his prayers, the god sent rains to shower upon his kingdom and people, relieving them from the terrible famine. To mark this incident in history, the king wanted to build a memorial at this spot. Hence, he built a temple close to the Vandhiyapadana peak. Inside the temple he planted a Shiva lingam, lit a diva lamp and worshiped the lingam. Since that day this peakhas been called as Pandeeswaram by the common people.