Kumbabishekam Details

North of Thirumalai, the stone foundation of the majestic Raja Gopuram was laid by Thiriyampaga Udiyar in 1521, who was the governor in Sangagiri Thurkam during the reign of Krishnadevaraya. 29 years after that, the construction of the top portion of the Gopuram was undertaken by Narasingaramatchi who governed Sangagiri Thurkam during the reign of Sadhasivaraya in 1550, and completed with bricks. After that Sadaiyappa Gaundar, son of Kumaramangalam Naagamalai Gaundar completed the construction of this Raja Gopuram with the help of the aid and donations from the common people.

The carvings on this grand Gopuram remain as a wonderful example of the sculpting patterns that existed 490 years ago.

This Rajagopuram measures 84.5 feet in height with 5 levels. After several centuries, the Kumbabishekam of this temple happened on 8.11.2000.