The holy mountain spread across 350 acres of landscape and more than 2000 feet above sea level, accommodating the holy temple at height of 650 feet from the ground and standing upright like a majestic vision above a leading stairway of 1206 steps.

Although the mountain is popularly known as Tiruchengode Mountain, this holy hill has been called by many names all along in many different historical literary works.

This holy mountain is called by many revered names like Semmalai, Merumalai, Sivamalai, Nagasalam, Panimalai, Bhramagiri, Vaayumalai, kongumalai, Nagagiri, Vandhimalai, Sithar malai, sonagiri, Thandhagiri, Uragaverpu, Sarpapagiri, Surapagiri, Thandhagiri, Theivathirumalai, Gothaimayilathagiri, Gyanagiri, Rathnagiri, Tharukasalam, Tharumalai, Magamerumalai, Kailai Malai, kongumalai and the like.

This shrine is a special penance site for people born under the sathaya star. The main deities for this star are “Sani and Rahu”. Praying to lord Arthanaareeswarar in this holy mountain is considered as atonement for devotees born of this particular star.

Along the Girivalam path of the Tiruchengode Mountains, as we look north of the Karatupalayam junction, one can witness the shape of a woman sleeping facing skyward. In the same way along the Erode main road, southeast to the Kootapalli junction, one can witness the mountains in the shape of a sleeping male form.

To the north of the Sangagiri road the mountain takes the shape of a seated Nandhi. West of Kumaramangalam, we can see the mountains as a squatting eagle with its wings spread open . The general view of the mountains from the town seems like a cobra snake spreading its head and dancing. A single mountain to have different facets like the male, female and many more unique forms, in the entire world is found in Tiruchengode.