This 2000 year old sanctuary jointly contains the combined shrines of the holy Lord Shiva and the revered lord Perumal. The only place in this entire world where the supreme beings of Lord Shiva and Parvathy join and emerge as the almighty Ammaiyappan is at our Tiruchengode sanctuary. This shrine has the triple speciality of Murthy, Thalam and Theertham.

In ancient times, a conflict of who is the more powerful one, arose between the gods Adhisedan and Vayudhevan and they decided to fight it out, in order to prove their superiority. They were required to conduct the combat atop Merumalai (Kailasam). The competition would involve Aadhisedan to cover up the Meru Mountain’s 1000 peaks with his 1000 heads. Vayudhevan was required to demolish at least one of the peaks using his powers. If Vayu succeeded in demolishing even one of the peaks then Vayudhevan would be considered the powerful one, if he failed to demolish even one peak, then Aadhisedan would be considered to be more powerful. This contest was to be held amidst the spectatorship of wise men and sages from heaven.
Vayubhagavan hit the world like a demented tornado in order to demolish the mountain peaks protected by Aadhisedan’s powerful heads. The people of the world suffered due to the horrendous tornado. The wise men and the sages took pity on the people and begged Aadhisedan to give up in his fight and save the people from their suffering. Aadhisedan, taking pity on the people, loosened the grip of his head on one of the mountain peaks.

Due to the wrath of Vayudhevan and the mercy of Aadhisedan, one of the mountain peaks along with one of Aadhisedan’s heads, broke free from the mountain chain. It fell onto the ground and broke up into three different pieces in three different places. It was bathed in the blood that spurted out from the head of Aadhikesavan that had been ripped out.

The three different places where the pieces of the mountain and Aadhikesavan’s head were cited to have fallen has manifested into three powerful shrines today. The first shrine is Thiruvannamalai, the second one is Srilanka and the third is the Tiruchengode shrine. The properties of these three mountains, although situated in three different geographic locations, are scientifically proved to be similar.