Agriculture is the primary occupation of this town.
Having the highest number of power loom industries in the whole of Tamilnadu, Tiruchengode district has emerged as a leader in the power loom garments export business of Tamilnadu.
Highest number of mini buses in Tamilnadu.
Standing First in the production of Angan vaadi, Sathu, Maavu – A nutritional food provided for below povertied children.
Second place in Tamilnadu for leather market.
Business giants call it Little Mumbai .
Visited by Mahatma Gandhi twice.
One of the biggest taluks in Tamilnadu.
Tiruchengode is home town to several education institutions, schools & colleges. This standard of colleges here is equal to any institution in Chennai & Coimbatore. Vivekananda Women’s Educational Institute, with more than 25,000 women enrolling, enjoys the distinction of being the first campus in Asia to have such a large number of women studying under one roof. The student population of 1.5 lakhs is also made up of students from Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, Koriya, Manipur, and Nagaland who have come here to study.
Gandhi Ashram: The first Governor General of independent India, Sri Rajaji, founded the Gandhi Ashram at Pudhupalayam village on 6-2-1925. This Ashram was founded with twin objectives: to inspire people begin cottage industries to speed up the economic growth of the village & to motivate people to quit drinking liquor. This Ashram has been visited by many of our national leader - Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajendhra Prasad, Vallabai Patel, Kasturibai Gandhi, Lal Bhadhur Shasthri, Periyar, and Kamarajar.

The location of the Ashram has great historical relevance. This has inspired many of the great leaders of this country during the freedom struggle. Today the Ashram stands as a significant monument bridging the gap between yesterday & tomorrow. The museum preserves several important articles and letters written by our great national leaders in the past.

Many small products like Sandalwood soaps, Religious articles, Dhoop sticks, Bar soaps, Silk Saris, Sandalwood chains and garlands, Crystallised Jaggery, Incense sticks, Khadi clothes are manufactured here, and hence, this ashram thrives as the hub of activity providing employment for the locals of the village.