The famed and fabled city of Tiruchengode has been cited with reverence as Thirukodimaadach Chenkundroor in historical and anecdotal references from Indian mythology. Here, the divine being, taking the form of “half male and half female”, emerges as the revered Ammaiyappan, or Arthanaareeswarar. This creates a rare occurrence, offering an exceptional and divine vision for the devotees to feast their eyes upon and be blessed.

Tiruchengode is reputed to be more than 2000 years old. It is said that the surroundings were a corporate of green, with the mountain ranges shining a natural red. The city appears to have contained many palaces, mansions and fortresses. The name kodimaadach Chenkundroor evolved from this. It is also said that this was the name to several sages, hermits and wise men who spent their time in penance and service to god. This added the prefix Thirukodimaadach Chenkundroor and was quoted in many historical scriptures and novels.